Eating Crow

from by The Frame Defect



There’s nothing worse than the same old story.
Every twist and turn foreseen from the opening.
With acts of heroism and villainy well defined in antiquity.
Not a blur or a haze in continuity.
Preset failures and victories.
No questions of morality.
Just the same old fashioned boring story.

Now, I’m captured.
Contained to the cage I helped populate.
With the broken bodies of my crusade.
The reminders of my shame.

What if there’s something worse than fate?
Than parts playing out as they were made.
Where the point of tension never recedes and spirals endlessly.

Sinking down to the bottom of the barrel.
Every step is a little deeper.
Tangled in chains with the rogues and the murderers,
Where I belong.
For my crimes and accusations.
For the vanity of thinking things would change.
For thinking things could change.

Her eyes staring through the bars that keep us separated.
Victim from the culprit, her cataclysm on display.
This is never what I wanted.

This story is not an epic, but a self-fulfilling tragedy,
Where the road was poorly paved with good intentions.

Thinking I could satisfy the thirst for change.
To shake them out of the apathy.
Bringing out the worst in me.

I know now, in the hour of my death,
At the end of this crusade,
The undeniable, inescapable truth.
I am everything I hate.

My lady, Justice
Tell me, is this what I deserve?
Tell me, is this my punishment?
Weigh the scales.
Raise your sword.
Is this what I deserve?

"Consider the age of all things."
Another day, another low life.
"How dare you compare."
Another tragedy to catch the eye.
Another fool to stand against the tide.
"Who gave you your height?"
The cries of the victims
"Cursed you with pride?"
Of those in need.
"How could you think you were worthy to see through these eyes?"
Is this what I deserve?
"This is what you deserve."


from Selfless, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Frame Defect Toronto, Ontario

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