Desperate Methods

from by The Frame Defect



I’ve lost track of time. I’m worn from the grind.
My body bruised and beaten with my soul not far behind

But for every bruise and bandage I take home at the end of the night,
I sleep a little easier, ‘cause I know their bones won’t settle right.
The nights are long, the hours are rough.
When the light of morning breaks it’s not enough.

Will this ever be enough?
Can you fix the cracks of a broken system?
All my work reversed in the weeks to come.
There must be a way.

I've seen it's true face and it's staring back at me.
Standing atop the tower, knowing all the while,
There's nothing I can do.

A simple suggestion for a permanent solution.
Without a cage to be broken,
Where no words can be spoken by silver tongues,
Cashing in on the judgement.

Every second attempt is a misdirect.
The fault is mine to hold.
The weight of my conscience gets heavier.
The mantle takes it's toll.

Tonight will be different.
Tonight, things will change.
Another repeat offender back on the stage.

This vagrant, this filth,
Convicted of murder,
Who scraped his way back to the street,
Will soon know what it means when I say,
"Tomorrow won’t be another day."

I will save them.
Whatever the cost,
I will save them.


from Selfless, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Frame Defect Toronto, Ontario

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