Another Day

from by The Frame Defect



Another day, another headline.
Another tragedy to catch the eye,
But no one stops to stare

Another day, another plea denied.
Another hook tied to the line,
But no one cares to bite.

Deaf to the cries of the victims
Blind to the sight of those in need
Doubting the word of the innocent
Shifting responsibility

Leaving the work to a tired system,
Littered with holes for the rats to hide.
It’s the game of liability that determines who walks free.

Another day, another breaking story.
Another criminal walking free.
Another chance to make a difference,
To do something right. Do something that matters.

Another day, another helpless victim with no one but us to blame.
With no one else to blame.

I have seen it's true face,
And it's staring back at me.
Laughing through the smokestacks,
Staring at me through the rusted windows.

All this time, it’s been right there.
A chance to do something that matters.

A quiet sound that rings throughout the city streets unheard.
Unbeknownst, ignored, yet deafening to my aching, ringing ears.

Deaf from the cries of the victims.
Blind from the sight of those in need.
A call to arms from a silent plea,
To strike at the heart of criminality.

The felons, the crooks
The sharks and the liars,
Who take from the mouths of civilians,
Will soon know what it means when I say,
“Tomorrow won’t be another day."


from Selfless, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Frame Defect Toronto, Ontario

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