by The Frame Defect

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Michael Graff
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Michael Graff Lauren Babic told me about this band - and, of course, she is totally right liking it. This band has a really unique and great sound. Favorite track: Eating Crow.
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released August 5, 2016

Music by The Frame Defect (Milen Petzelt-Sorace, Spencer Creaghan, Dickson Benjamin)

Additional music by Rody Walker (guest vocalist on Track 4)
Additional music by Armenia Sarkissian (guest vocalist on Track 6)

Produced and mixed by Todd Barriage @Borland Studio
Additional live instrument tracking by Mike Peters
Mastered by Bryan Lowe at Joao Carvalho Mastering

Album Art and Logo Design by David Journeaux
Bandcamp Layout by Liam Saunders

Lyrics by Milen Petzelt-Sorace,
Additional lyrics by Dickson Benjamin (Track 6)
Additional lyrics by Armenia Sarkissian (Track 6)

Orchestrated by Milen Petzelt-Sorace, Spencer Creaghan
Bass arrangements and edits by Dominick de Kauwe


Guitars by Milen Petzelt-Sorace, Spencer Creaghan
Vocals by Milen Petzelt-Sorace
Bass by Dominick De Kauwe
Drums by Dickson Benjamin

Additional vocals by Armenia Sarkissian (Track 4), Rody Walker (Track 3)
Saxophone performance by Dwight Jones (Track 4)
Cello performance by Alex Kazantsev (Track 3)
Violin performance by Milen Petzelt-Sorace (Tracks 2, 3, 4)
Acoustic guitar performance by Milen Petzelt-Sorace (Track 4)



all rights reserved


The Frame Defect Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Another Day
Another day, another headline.
Another tragedy to catch the eye,
But no one stops to stare

Another day, another plea denied.
Another hook tied to the line,
But no one cares to bite.

Deaf to the cries of the victims
Blind to the sight of those in need
Doubting the word of the innocent
Shifting responsibility

Leaving the work to a tired system,
Littered with holes for the rats to hide.
It’s the game of liability that determines who walks free.

Another day, another breaking story.
Another criminal walking free.
Another chance to make a difference,
To do something right. Do something that matters.

Another day, another helpless victim with no one but us to blame.
With no one else to blame.

I have seen it's true face,
And it's staring back at me.
Laughing through the smokestacks,
Staring at me through the rusted windows.

All this time, it’s been right there.
A chance to do something that matters.

A quiet sound that rings throughout the city streets unheard.
Unbeknownst, ignored, yet deafening to my aching, ringing ears.

Deaf from the cries of the victims.
Blind from the sight of those in need.
A call to arms from a silent plea,
To strike at the heart of criminality.

The felons, the crooks
The sharks and the liars,
Who take from the mouths of civilians,
Will soon know what it means when I say,
“Tomorrow won’t be another day."
Track Name: Spotlight
Death, as we all know, has become a statistic
But have you thought about what that really means?
The consequences of your dispassion when pestered on the street?
When turning your hand away.

Panic spreads at the drop of a dime
When the peaceful town hears of horrific crime.
While patrons of hellish cities blink in boredom at their daily dose of body bags and casualties.
Fatalities diminish in redundancy.
Death ain’t sexy, not without my celebrities.

I will shake you out of this apathy, and I will set the example for all to see.
Things will change
And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Rip out the weeds tangled around our neck,
Pulling down to the earth with no resistance met.
In our statuesque scene thats ugly to see.
This garden of human complacency.

Isolated incidents pry from statistical consistence.
Indifferent to the mess left in the dark of the spotlight.

Distant lives measured by numbers.
Buried in nameless graves.
Their stories erased by a drop of ink to fill in a cluttered page.
Lining the sidewalk, they wait.

A subtle call to arms to feed the simmering fever.
Kept out of sight, but often dreamed of.
Growing by the day.
The heat behind your eyes, the fire in your chest,
The burning air that fills your lungs and deepens with every breath.

Shatter the inhibitions that shut you in.
Rid yourself of the stone on your skin.
Be courageous, be brave, burn brightly.
Light your soul ablaze, and I promise you that things will change. 

Track Name: Desperate Methods
I’ve lost track of time. I’m worn from the grind.
My body bruised and beaten with my soul not far behind

But for every bruise and bandage I take home at the end of the night,
I sleep a little easier, ‘cause I know their bones won’t settle right.
The nights are long, the hours are rough.
When the light of morning breaks it’s not enough.

Will this ever be enough?
Can you fix the cracks of a broken system?
All my work reversed in the weeks to come.
There must be a way.

I've seen it's true face and it's staring back at me.
Standing atop the tower, knowing all the while,
There's nothing I can do.

A simple suggestion for a permanent solution.
Without a cage to be broken,
Where no words can be spoken by silver tongues,
Cashing in on the judgement.

Every second attempt is a misdirect.
The fault is mine to hold.
The weight of my conscience gets heavier.
The mantle takes it's toll.

Tonight will be different.
Tonight, things will change.
Another repeat offender back on the stage.

This vagrant, this filth,
Convicted of murder,
Who scraped his way back to the street,
Will soon know what it means when I say,
"Tomorrow won’t be another day."

I will save them.
Whatever the cost,
I will save them.
Track Name: Eating Crow
There’s nothing worse than the same old story.
Every twist and turn foreseen from the opening.
With acts of heroism and villainy well defined in antiquity.
Not a blur or a haze in continuity.
Preset failures and victories.
No questions of morality.
Just the same old fashioned boring story.

Now, I’m captured.
Contained to the cage I helped populate.
With the broken bodies of my crusade.
The reminders of my shame.

What if there’s something worse than fate?
Than parts playing out as they were made.
Where the point of tension never recedes and spirals endlessly.

Sinking down to the bottom of the barrel.
Every step is a little deeper.
Tangled in chains with the rogues and the murderers,
Where I belong.
For my crimes and accusations.
For the vanity of thinking things would change.
For thinking things could change.

Her eyes staring through the bars that keep us separated.
Victim from the culprit, her cataclysm on display.
This is never what I wanted.

This story is not an epic, but a self-fulfilling tragedy,
Where the road was poorly paved with good intentions.

Thinking I could satisfy the thirst for change.
To shake them out of the apathy.
Bringing out the worst in me.

I know now, in the hour of my death,
At the end of this crusade,
The undeniable, inescapable truth.
I am everything I hate.

My lady, Justice
Tell me, is this what I deserve?
Tell me, is this my punishment?
Weigh the scales.
Raise your sword.
Is this what I deserve?

"Consider the age of all things."
Another day, another low life.
"How dare you compare."
Another tragedy to catch the eye.
Another fool to stand against the tide.
"Who gave you your height?"
The cries of the victims
"Cursed you with pride?"
Of those in need.
"How could you think you were worthy to see through these eyes?"
Is this what I deserve?
"This is what you deserve."
Track Name: Catharsis
My hands bound in front of me in a makeshift plea for mercy,
As I finally come to see the irony of you walking walking freely.
In delusion of wrong versus right.
Turning a blind eye to the mirror on the other side.
Keep them from us. Keep us from them.

The curse of empathy and the want for absolution.
Never spoken, recited in silence.
Hidden away.

Like stained glass mounted on the wall.
Distinct and contrasting fractured pieces,
Pushed together and held by the lines.
A moment of clarity from this haze.
As fragile as it is transparent.

It’s here, now, clear as day.
I see what you wanted but ashamed to say.
A target, a leader, to blame and to praise.
To pin your beliefs and antitheses.

Will it ever be enough?
It would never be enough.
Can you fix the cracks of a broken system?

The cries of the innocent were never meant for me.
But a shoulder to carry the mantle of whatever they want you to be.
With no regard for what sorry soul they tear apart.
Turning the best of intentions to the worst of consequences.

I emerge.
I'm released from the name that you've given me.
Your nightmares, your daydreams, and mediocrities.
I'm reborn and stretch my wings.

I am the canvas to paint your ethics.
The doll you split to pieces.
The songs of good and evil.
The sword and the shield.
The day and the night.
The dark and the light.
Every predictable rhymes that hides the truth:
They're but inching steps in the delicate dance of grey.

I can see it in the distance.
A place to rest these weary eyes.
A familiar sound takes shape.

I take my seat on this throne with my cup raised high.
Filled to the brim with potassium chloride.
To the voices that ring outside these walls,
I can promise you,
Things have changed.
I can promise you,
That tomorrow won’t be another day.